This section is dedicated to those that have lost a family member or friend to addiction. This is where you can post a picture and biography in memory of them and allow people to donate to Long Island Teen Challenge which can be the solution to addiction on our island. Please contact our administrative office at 631-321-7070 EXT 212 or email us at to set up a section of anyone you would like to honor. in-memory-of

This is Courtney a beautiful kind and loving girl that was taken by the horrific disease of addiction. I can tell you as her Mom this is a very lonely disease for both the addict and family. I hope to raise awareness for anyone suffering through addiction. We need to remove the stigma that comes with this disease. Nobody should feel any less of a person according to the label their illness carries. Too many lives have been lost and families destroyed and left to suffer in silence. My daughter was everything and more and this can happen to anyone at any given time in life …addiction doesn’t choose a certain person it just takes them without knowledge of their race, religion, education, wealth or not. Please stop judging these people and start offering them the help they so desperately need and deserve. Courtney was truly magical and will be missed every second of everyday! Saving just one person makes losing Courtney worth bringing awareness and compassion to so many that suffer alone through this.

Love and support from a family broken forever💔 The Amerson Family

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